Speak Your Truth

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Speak Your Truth is our newest campaign starting January 7th. We are extremely excited as we know all women will be able to relate. This campaign will be our realest yet, pushing for an open discussion of our imperfections and the various challenges we might deal with everyday.

January 15th - Demi Lovato's Truth

We are thrilled for how the Speak Your Truth week went. The best part was receiving stories from our lovely ladies. We hope you got something out of it, and enjoyed it as much as we did here at Seeing Thngs. 


Demi Lovato's Truth



"I used to genuinely believe recovery from an eating disorder wasn’t real. That everyone was faking or secretly relapsing behind closed doors. “Surely she throws up here and there”, “she can’t POSSIBLY accept her cellulite”... those we’re just a few of the things that I used to tell myself growing up. I’m so grateful that I can honestly say for the first time in my life - my dietitian looked at me and said “This is what eating disorder recovery looks like.” In honor of my gratitude for the place I’m in today, this was a lil shoot I did by myself in quarantine this summer when I wanted to celebrate my stretch marks instead of being ashamed of them. I started wearing actual glitter paint on my stretch marks to celebrate my body and all of it’s features (whether society views them as good OR bad) My stretch marks aren’t going away so might as well throw a lil glitter on em’ amiright? 😝✨ Also let this be a reminder to anyone who doesn’t think it’s possible: IT ACTUALLY IS 😱😱😩😩☺️☺️ YOU CAN DO IT. I BELIEVE IN YOU. This year was tough.. be gentle on yourself if you slip up and remember to get right back on track because you’re WORTH THE MIRACLE OF RECOVERY 💖I LOVE YOU ✨ "

-Demi Lovato

Just another reason to LOVE Demi. We are so proud of her for overcoming her stuggles, and thank her for using her platform to promote self love.



January 14th - Barbara Jackson & Jazmine's Truth

"I want to say, when I had my son I picked up a lot of weight, it was very hard to get off.  I would tell my daughter when she graduates from High School I will have lost the weight.   Haha well it did not happen.  So I told her when she graduates from college, I will loose the weight.  Haha it still did not happen. But can u believe now at age 55 im losing the weight. haha. Better late then never. My story is u can loose weight doesn't matter how long it takes u can do it girls."
-Barbara Jackson
Barbara, we are so proud of you! You are so right, better late than never! Congratulations to you! Thank you so much for sharing your message with ST.

"Speaking my truth is realizing that I over spend on things that don’t increase my happiness; things from clothes to Knick knacks. Truly it wasn’t what I believed in or really wanted to express to the world. I want to be gracious and not try to over indulge. I want to be the person that the first thing you thing isn’t “she knows how to spend money” or “she has the best clothes or things”. I want to be known as the kindest, the most giving, or simply someone present. Material things are fine but they aren’t who we are. It took me awhile to realize that. But I am all the better for figuring it out now!"



Wow, so many of us can relate to this. ST is proud of you for realizing it, and wanting to fix it. One of the best lessons we can learn in life is exactly what you said, "Material things are fine but they aren't who we are". Thank you so much for sharing your story with ST!

January 13th - Stacey Marchmont's Truth


"I love your message and wanted to say thank you for spreading the message of self love.

I myself have had mental health issues and low body confidence and have learnt that speaking about things can really help.
Sadly my brothers demons were too hard to bare and he devastatingly took his life on New Year’s Day.
Although this is a very difficult time for myself and my parents we have decided that in the future we want to encourage more self love and awareness for mental health and suicide.

Thank you for spreading such an important message"


Stacey, thank you so much for sharing your story. We are very sorry for your loss, and you are in our thoughts. This is a tough topic that is not discussed enough for how many people have to quitely deal with it in their everyday lives. Just by sending in your story you have helped so many. It is important to share these devastating real life moments so people know they are not alone. 


Thank you again, Stacey. Our deepest condolences to you and your family during this time. 


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Grief Support: Grief Support for Suicide Loss Survivors

January 12th - Layne Gibbons' Truth

"I was moved by your story about gaining a few quarantine pounds but seeing the light in it and doing something about it. As women, we've all been there! It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes "It's not what happens to you, it's how you react." We can either choose to let one thing ruin our day or we can laugh it off and move forward. I love it!
Considering 2020 was such an awful year for so many people, all I can do is laugh at a few of the silly things that happened in my life.

My husband plays hockey in Germany, so I am CONSTANTLY embarrassing myself. Not only have I said the wrong thing thousands of times without realizing it but it also took me time to understand how Germans go about daily life as opposed to life in America. I've walked into the men's restroom (thinking it was the women's), I've lost my phone on the German train station, but one of the craziest moments was stalling my car at a red light for 10+minutes haha.
My husband had JUST taught me how to drive stick-shift. I felt so confident driving alone while he was away but I was clearly over-confident. At a red light, I couldn't get the car into first gear for 10 minutes. People were honking and cursing at me (in German), and passerbys stopped to watch me... It was awful. I didn't have a phone and I didn't know what to do! BUT LUCKILY, an ambulance came by and asked if I was okay! He thought there was something wrong with my car but I embarrassingly had to tell him I couldn't drive it haha. I was mortified. I eventually got the car out of first gear and found my way home but the ambulance followed me all the way home to make sure I made it safely. I was so grateful for him. I was embarrassed about this for months but now I just have to laugh at it haha.

Truthfully, the only way we can survive embarrassing moments or setback is through humor. I thank you for your powerful messages and beautiful clothes — and the free tee!"
-Layne Gibbons

Layne, thank you so much for sharing your story. We are obsessed with your attitude; you are so on point. SYT is all about these "why is this happening to me right now" life moments. So happy we can all connect and laugh together!


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January 11th - Jamie Vonne's Truth

"This pic is from a vacation I took or you could say a baecation and it was the first time I felt completely comfortable with my natural hair and no makeup just out for the entire day taking pictures and not judging myself because I chose to go all natural. Definitely a moment I hope all women get to experience. A moment where you feel absolutely stunning in the skin you're in.” 
-Jamie Yvonne


As women, it’s important that we create a community where we can be vulnerable and open about our experiences, so that we can learn from each other. Huge thank you to Jamie Yvonne for sharing her story and being unapologetically her beautiful self.


Email info@seeingthngs.com to share your personal “Speak Your Truth” story, and receive a free self love t-shirt from us!

January 10th - Lizzo's Truth & The Freshman Fifteen

We ran across Lizzo's post on Instagram and thought we had to share it with our ST Ladies during our Speak Your Truth week.

So authentically beautiful!

"I detoxed my body and I’m still fat. I love my body and I’m still fat. I’m beautiful and I’m still fat. These things are not mutually exclusive. To the people who look to me, please do not starve yourselves. I did not starve myself. I fed myself greens and water and fruit and protein and sunlight. You don’t have to do that to be beautiful or healthy. That was my way. You can do life your way. Remember, despite anything anyone says or does ✨DO WHAT YOU WANT WITH YOUR BODY✨" -Lizzo 



To The Girl Trying To Lose Weight In College (theodysseyonline.com)

by Hope Wright

This article explains why you may have gained that extra weight your first couple years of college, and why it is so hard to get rid of it. A read that will help it all make sense while providing some tips.

To our ST College Girls: Be kind to yourself during these times. You are not only growing into a beautiful woman, but you are living a whole new lifestyle. Do your best, learn your early life lessons, and most importantly enjoy your 20's.


January 9th- Be Kind To Yourself & Your Fellow Females

This Brene Brown Quote is the most perfect way to start off day three of Speak Your Truth. As all of us women know we are constantly dealing with so many different feelings and hormones on top of dealing with everyday life. Some of the hardest things about being a woman is feeling like you're not doing enough, or you're not good enough. We have all been there; no woman is alone when it comes to feeling like this. 
Speak Your Truth day three is here to say you are good enough, and you are doing more than enough. We are only human so please be kind to yourself and your fellow females. Empower one another, love one another, and support one another. 
"You're doing amazing, sweetie" -Kris Jenner

January 8th - New Year Truth

"Walking into 2021 like..." - Amy Schumar

Don't you just love Amy Schumer? She is the epitome of realness and cleverly pokes fun of the highs and lows of once being a single comedian to being a married mom.

And let's be honest, she looks great in her swimsuit. Years ago I would have seen this photo thinking why can't I be that happy showing my beach body. 

Funny thing - I gained my confidence being surrounded by senior women while vacationing in Florida, watching them happily strut the beach in all shapes and not caring about their appearance. Just enjoying the sun and relaxation.

This picture is a great reminder that at the end of the day we can all relate to feeling ready for change and growth and not giving an ounce of care of our appearance, because we are so focused on living our lives with joy and reaching the new goals we set.

So who cares what you looked liked yesterday or days before. How are you entering this new day now? Are you taking strides to a better you and less of being a perfect super woman. 

Your body, your mood, your happiness all goes hand in hand and you have complete control to be who ever you want consistently or for the moment. Practice being you like you're walking into a new year with a fresh start every time.

How To Participate: 
Check back daily for different stories and posts we are highlighting. Our goal is to show women they are not alone, and to connect them with our brand and each other through blog posts and hosting instagram lives.  Make sure to submit your photo or quote highlighting the relatable yet funnier moments you have experienced and receive a free SELF LOVE T-Shirt. Email us at info@seeingthngs.com or tag us @seeingthngs on Instagram! Plus, if you comment or like our post, you'll receive 10% discount on your next order!


To celebrate the essence of comfort and realness, our entire Legging Collection will be 15% off during this campaign. 

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