Meet the CEO



Brittany Johnson started Seeing Thngs as a way to bring the Girlfriend Circle closer to everyday women in order to empower, motivate and build sustaining Self Love. An avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast, Brittany Johnson found while juggling her career and womanhood, all while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there wasn't a space that allowed women to be their true self and void unrealistic beauty expectations.

Based outside of Chicago in Wheaton, IL, Brittany decided to transform the entire experience of what it means to have a lifestyle brand cater to women. Knowing all to well the various life stages, ups and downs that women go through she is bringing clothing, jewelry and accessories to ensure women are constantly surrounded with love and positivity that are unique to the Seeing Thngs brand and won't find anywhere else. You'll get a kick out of the Boyfriend Zone, because that is an area we can all relate to and that's a product space she has done RIGHT!

Brittany was born and raised in Chicago, IL and later attended Purdue University with a Bachelor’s Degree in PR/Communication and a Master’s Degree in Business from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. She currently lives in the Suburb of Chicago, Wheaton, IL where she operates Seeing Thngs.

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