Women Supporting Women

Women Supporting Women

In honor of Women History Month, we wanted to close this month celebrating women. It is so important that we, as women, stick together and keep up the positive momentum for women today and in the future. 

We have evolved so much, and we all deserve a big pat on the back. Make sure to tell yourself how wonderful and proud you are of yourself. Constantly remind yourself that you only deserve the absolute best, your life is meant to be spectacular. Live each day with gratitude, give love, and use positive words to see a positive reality. 

We wanted to introduce a new idea to help support each other in our community. If you have a business/brand/blog/etc send us an email about it, and we will showcase it in our blog. 

Our first showcase is Evolve Style. They are an on demand personal styling service, but get this, literally at your finger tips. You chat with them via social media (insta, snap, tiktok, or email) and they provide you with looks, inspo, advice, where to shop, you name it. Best Part, there's no commitment to buy the items they suggest, and they can dress you with your current wardrobe. They focus on body confidence and dressing for your body type while still staying on trend. Its important to create a true connection and fluid communication channel with their customer. Check them out! Use code intro to get the special introductory offer on your subscription forever. 


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  • Jessica Paul

    Hi there loves! Thanks for the amazing, encouraging and inspiring email.
    I am currently studying to become a holistic nutritionist/ wellness coach. I have created an Instagram where I can connect with likeminded people, share weight loss tips, lifestyle hacks, motivational posts and much more. I love reaching out to others and others reaching out to me and just supporting one another. I am hoping to expand my page and then start a blog once I have enough people on board and following me. My passion for health and wellness is beyond imaginable. And I can’t wait to become certified and get out there and help other kick ass woman ( and men) live their healthiest life style and feel good in their own skin.
    My Instagram account is called @guacyourbody

    Much love!!

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