The Effects of Sleep Deprivation

The Effects of Sleep Deprivation


Now that we are in the new year, it's time to talk about an important health factor we take for granted. Sleep. Whether you are working from home, or tending to family obligations it's easy to want to accommodate and continuing being productive without considering your own personal time. If this sounds like you, well, believe this, you're not alone. 

One of the central causes of sleep deprivation is the lack of sleep or reduced quality of sleep. Getting less than 7 hours can actually cause sleep disorder and impacts your body's ability to heal and and restore its chemical balance.

Some signs that show you are deprived of sleep is:

  • frequent yawning
  • daytime fatigue
  • irritability
  • excessive sleepiness

Some other important areas to note is that lack of sleep can cause the following impacts:

  • decreases your coordination and increase risk of accidents
  • trigger psychological risks such as depression and paranoia
  • reduces your immune system to defend itself against illness

In order to avoid this from happening, try making sure you set a time frame for when you want to sleep and wake up in the morning. It's always best to have a good schedule you can follow. Avoid heavy meals or any caffeinated liquids which may cause you to take longer to sleep.

If you think this sounds simple, it doesn't get easier as our lives get complicated. The more you can create a schedule and have others support your need to sleep, the better you can increase a healthy habit of receiving 7 hours of sleep each night.

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