Thank You, We're Still Here!

Thank You, We're Still Here!

Dear SeeingThngs Community,

First and foremost, we hope you have continued to maintain a safe and healthy form of normalcy during these tough months. We see you continuing your journeys of self care, building strength in an unwavering manner despite all the uncertainly that continues to exist. That's what makes SeeingThngs so powerful and connected. The will to triumph even through its toughest times. We want you to know that we are in fact, still here. And like many small businesses around the world, we have experienced tough setbacks due to limited inventory and the change in state and country wide orders to shutdown.

While we have maintained a quiet presence, we have worked on restocking and adding new styles while deciding new ways to share those updates during this very different way of visual illustration that adhere's to social distancing. So you may see a different approach to how we illustrate our available styles.

It's important we maintain our connection and the ability to inspire and empower our SeeingThngs community.

We appreciate you staying with us and believing in SeeingThngs. 

Only Love,



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