Readying for New Beginnings

Readying for New Beginnings

I can imagine I am not alone with feeling uncertain but yet completely energized for change and to resume a community of optimism.

What I have truly discovered is that tenacity is having the will to see past defeat and roadblocks and maintaining your light. A light that will only serve as a daily reminder of your strength and unique capability to crush your desired goals met with praise and joyful emotions. That light. Your light. It's inside of all of us!! Waiting to be lit and reignited each day to push you through. 

How you See Thngs, plays a vital role in the outcome of your journey. Choose to See Optimism, See Your Light. And remember, no matter what you will always prevail.

Over these past few months, I have curled into a place of comfort knowing that the excitement of running and hiking is constantly nudging my core. But here I stand ready, with feeling of refresh and optimism. l can't wait to join you guys on a wonderful journey of new beginnings that we all share!


Only Love

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