Our First Year

Posted by Maria Bond on

WOW! We can't believe its been a year since we launched. We are so proud of what Seeing Thngs has developed into, and we are so so thankful for all of you continued love and support. Seeing Thngs has become a community to elevate women to feel confident and powerful whilst fulfilling their dreams. 

Our founder, Maria, took the risk to start her own business to encourage women to follow their dreams to make hers come true. We've learned so much in our first year, and want to express how important it is to follow your heart, and take the risk. In love, life, career, everything. It's your faith in yourself that makes your dreams come true. If you believe and feel you can, you will. Remember it all starts with an idea followed by inspired action. 

The biggest take away in our first year is anything is possible. Ponder that for a moment, and make your dreams happen!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and we are so excited for what today and the future holds. Happy Birthday Seeing Thngs!

Only Love, 

seeing thngs

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