Life is how you perceive thngs.... Fredrika's Story #inspiringthngs

Life is how you perceive thngs.... Fredrika's Story #inspiringthngs

Hi you! Yes, you. This journey, our common journey, requires you to smile, be awesome and brave. Are you with me? ’Cause I, we, believe in you. Do you?

My name is Fredrika Skiöld, I am 19 years old and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I am beyond honoured to be a part of the SEEINGTHNGS family and to represent our beliefs as an ambassador. This is my story.

In the end of July, 2018, my life took an unexpected direction, temporarily. With a mark that will remain permanent. I got diagnosed with cancer. Malign ovarian cancer. Caused and detected by a football sized tumor on my left ovarian. I was operated immediately where the tumor was successfully removed, along with other organs. Since August I have been treated with chemotherapy. 

I decided early to depict my fate differently. A notification of cancer is too synonym with death for so many. For me - it's a synonym for life. Honestly, I have never felt so alive before! My diagnosis has improved my way of thinking which has improved my way of living.

Mind and body - is one. And trust me - it’s really simple. Our mental experiences and mental health creates our surroundings. ”Where focus goes - energy flows!” However, being active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has played a significant part in all of this. It’s like the chunky bites in a Ben and Jerry’s can, or the avocado spread on a rye bread. You see, it has to be there to function. With this said, I would like to inspire you to overcome your fears and be more conscious when it comes to your way of thinking, reacting and living. You may wonder why? Simply, ’cause I believe in you. We believe in you. So please, believe in yourself.

I want us to continue this journey together. Our united ”I” in ”THNGS” will be to inspire and empower ourselves and other women. Our goal is to exceed our own capability every single day by raising each other, motivate each other and control our way of thinking. So once again - are you with me? If I can, you can. Lets shine together and most importantly: be our best selves every day! Welcome onboard. 

To find out more about me, please follow me on instagram: @elsafredrikas



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  • Rachael Kovatch

    I love this message you share. Such love and strength

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