Latest Updates: New Content & Meet The Team

Latest Updates: New Content & Meet The Team

Happy Monday!

I am so thrilled to share what we have in store for you. I personally know all to well how important it is to have inspiration and encouragement to be who you want, and go after the goals you desire to conquer.

Health and fitness is an important aspect to my life and while my journey might be similar to others with the occasional emotional eating, I've learned along the way the value in being stress-free to being the core that drives fulfillment in other aspects of your busy or active life.

Here's what you can aspect from our amazing team of women!!

  • Empowerment Mondays - We know we all need encouragement. Starting November, 23rd we will feature Live videos of our team and other women within the community each week on Instagram, discussing how they've overcome their challenges to keep pushing forward. And we would love to hear from you as well. Make sure to email to participate.
  • SeeingThursdays - Every Thursday we will be highlighting women wearing ST clothing, we invite you to tag us on Instagram or send us your pictures at to be featured! Additional promotions will be announced around this as well.
  • SeeingInternational - Learn about different places that our community of ST women are from. Learn and get a peek of their tips when visiting their country. And by the way International readers, we encourage you to email us at to participate in our Instagram Live video where this will be streamed. This is due to start very soon.
  • We are very passionate about donating and giving back to women organizations that support women and helping them rebound from challenging moments in their life. Stay tuned as we announce upcoming charitable donations to continue Empowering women across the globe!
  • And there's more! But you'll have to stay tuned by reading our emails to hear the latest updates.

Starting Monday, November 23rd, each member of our team will share a blog post of their personal story each week and we invite others to do the same by submitting an article to

As mentioned in our prior email, if you are interested in becoming an ambassador, please let us know! It's going to be an exciting time and with 2021 around the corner, we all will have a wonderful year ahead of us.

Stay healthy and happy!

Only Love,

Brittany Johnson




CEO, Brittany Johnson



     Bailey Turnbaugh                   Amanda Sofia                  Rachael Lindquist


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