Keys to a Balanced Life

Keys to a Balanced Life

How to Live a Balanced Life

 We probe the question; do you feel aligned and balanced? We often put such big expectations on ourselves to be fit, successful, rich, tanned, toned, young, etc., that we burn ourselves out mentally in the process. We tend to overlook those things that truly contribute to a "Balanced-Happy" life, like time with loved ones, time to stop and think, time for self-care, time for fun.  

Here are the three most important tips for bringing some balance into your life, so that you can float through 2019 feeling like the BEST you that you can be!




Before this crazy world of mobile phones, emails and the internet, the sped-up, want-it-now existences we have today were physically impossible and unknown. As a result, lives contained a lot more waiting around. And while waiting around is kind of…boring, it has amazing benefits. 

So often, technology robs us of the small, contemplative moments which gave the "non-tech" humans a chance to breathe. It is so important to slow things down every so often and give our selves a chance to rest.

The easiest way to slow down and incorporate some contemplative moments into your life is by creating little rituals. For example, lighting a candle and taking a bath; getting up ten minutes earlier in the mornings so that you have time to eat breakfast outdoors, or meditate to manifest a positive day ahead; buying a really nice set of cutlery and cookware to encourage you to slow down and enjoy your meals; brew a pot of tea in a quiet room; listening to a calming song with your eyes closed before bed, go for a walk without your phone and stopping to smell the roses.

The options are literally endless, but if you want to succeed at creating these little moments there is one thing you have to do: put the phone away. The number of little things we miss out on experiencing in life because our eyes are glued to a screen is huge. And without the constant distraction of apps and games, or the pressure of work email and social media, our brains get a chance to wonder, to resolve problems we might have been mulling over, and to come up with creative ideas.

Make room in your life for a few little rituals, and make sure you stop to appreciate them without the distraction of screen time. Taking this time to breathe and enjoy the moment will help you be more focused and calm when you do sit down to work, and it will make you feel happier, overall.



We might feel like we’re taking care of our bodies by eating right and exercising, but there’s a whole lot more to self care that is frequently overlooked. It’s the little luxuries that make us feel relaxed and indulged, which are often the first things we stop making time for when life gets stressful. 

Some self care tips: Work out what self care means to you. Does it mean an sitting down for an early morning coffee reflecting? Painting your nails? Getting a massage? An hour in the bath with a good book? Moisturizing your elbows or takeout and Netflix? Decide what things really make you feel comforted, taken care of and indulged, then schedule them into your life.

For real schedule them! As in, make a date with yourself, in your calendar, at 8pm  on Wednesday the 30th to put on fluffy socks and watch Sex and the City in bed. And make sure you stick to it!

Setting aside time for self care helps legitimize the activity and stops all of life’s other responsibilities getting in the way. Enjoy these activities without feeling guilty for overindulging or not working hard enough. Most importantly, it really helps instill the idea that taking care of yourself emotionally is just as important as emailing your boss, walking the dog, or scrolling through instagram.



One of the hardest things about creating balance in your life is that your life might already feel like it’s packed full. How are you supposed to find extra time for yoga, nail painting, meditating or catching up with friends when you’re already juggling work, family, laundry, grocery shopping, bill paying, and all the other responsibilities that come along for the ride in the package deal called ‘adult life’?

Answer: Schedule Everything!

We always feel overstretched and overwhelmed because we try to keep too much in our brains. Remembering shopping lists, appointments, and even simple things like ‘reply to dad’s text’, or ‘replace the lightbulb’, clutters up our brains, leading us to feel like we have way too much going on. 


The solution is to routinely write down everything – literally everything – that you need to remember, plan, finish or start. Not only does this help clear your brain, but it also helps you see what needs to be done, helps you avoid the stress of missed deadlines, and to prioritize tasks to make sure you’re doing what you really want and need to be doing. 

The result is a much calmer life, with fewer unexpected twists and turns. And when you feel like the things you have to do are actually achievable, you’ll be able to identify the extra slots of time you have available for yourself, your family and your relationships.


Finding balance in life is achievable with conscious effort. It entails organization, planning, and being present. Putting habits in place now to make your life that little bit more peaceful, setting aside time to take care of yourself, and organising your time so that you feel on top of your work and personal commitments, will help you transform into the best version of yourself.



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