Healthy Glowing Skin

One rule definitely doesn’t fit all when it comes to achieving healthy, glowing skin. However, we can all agree it’s something we’d like to have. Clear skin in particular is the result of healthy lifestyle choices and a balanced diet (good genes help too!).

Generally, the more colourful your plate is, the better. The best thing to do is simply try new things and see how they affect your skin. Introduce more dark leafy vegetables into your diet, avoid processed food, reduce dairy for a few weeks and see how it makes you feel. Choosing a gluten-free Veggie, or Vegan diets are shown to improve skin, however, make sure that you are still eating clean. It's so important to read how many natural ingredients are in diet.
While we are all conscious of what we are putting in our bodies through our diet, for a long time we have overlooked what we are putting on our bodies, aka our skincare products. A lot of people constantly increase the hyperacidity of the body. This is so bad for body and skin, because in an acidic environment bacteria’s grow so much better, which can cause blemished skin. Due to this, it is so important to neutralise the ph value and recreate the balancing of the acid-base balance. Most importantly, think and believe your skin is glowing, clear, and youthful. The rest will do its part naturally. 

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Some Simple Ways to Balance the PH of your Skin:

  • Use diluted apple cider vinegar as a toner
  • Stay away from bar soap for the face
  • Use lukewarm water to rinse your face
  • Choose products that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants
  • Avoid hidden chemicals that harm your skin
  • Only use properly PH balanced skin care products

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