Dealing with Depression

Dealing with Depression

Depression is never an easy subject to talk about with friends or family members. But it is a certain type of emotion that we often experience whether temporarily or long term due to the responsibilities we take on in our lives, or the daily experiences we share with others, to name a few. And depending on the level of depression it can alter the psyche and how we choose to live out each day.

But you can overcome this feeling of sadness. According to, it's estimated that 16.2 million adults in the United States, or 6.7 percent of American adults, have had at least one major depressive episode in a given year.

While that seems extremely high, we're not surprised. In fact, I, owner of Seeing Thngs, go through this experience quite frequently. I certainly never want to experience this feeling, but it happens due to set expectations not being met, or over giving and not seeing the same effort exerted from someone else.

We all have reasons as to why we go through depression and whatever the reason yours might be, it's important to acknowledge it and ask yourself, "Why am I sad?". And is there something that can be done to no longer feel this way. It's a question I ask myself often and if I am in the position to correct it, I will. If not, then I reach out to someone who I trust or is close to me who can be of help.

If you find yourself dealing with depression or know someone who is, it's important to familiarize yourself with the types of depressions and the effects of it: Postpartum and Seasonal depression; and if depression it self goes untreated it can lead to self inflicting harm or suicide.

Here are 8 tips you can follow to help overcome depression:

1. Build a support network

2. Reduce your stress

3. Improve sleep hygiene

4. Improve your eating habits

5. Learn to stop negative thoughts

6. Beat Procrastination

7. Better handle household chores

8. Create a wellness box


Lastly, According to 


Please comment below if this post today has helped you or want to share your experience dealing with depression and how you overcame it!


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