BTS Photoshoot: Excitement to Inspire you

BTS Photoshoot: Excitement to Inspire you

We had such a great time during our photoshoot.
Seeingthngs really embody's the playfulness to
our varied journey's of being fit and healthy.


This photoshoot was actually done on a Sunday, very
tight schedule, but everyone from the photographer
to the models pulled it off. The downside is that due to COVID
we were limited on the models we could book to remain
in a healthy environment.

When you look at our new arrivals and our existing collection
faves we want you to reimagine your workouts with brightness,
color and flexibility of choosing styles to fit your
vibe or goal to stay fit. Seeingthngs is about seeing our own differences and embracing those differences while enjoying your body through the motivating and exciting styles we offer.

We can't wait to continue providing the motivation and inspiration you need to continue through your journey.

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Only Love -

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