3 WAYS to Maintain a Purposeful Life

3 WAYS to Maintain a Purposeful Life

If this year has taught us anything it is that finding a way to maintain balance in your life is very critical to your emotional and physical state.

How many of you are feeling overwhelmed or feel as though you have everything under control?

Depending on your answer it is important to recognize that the way you remember finding balance may no longer apply to today's current conditions.

From congested work from home spaces to taking on additional roles in the household for the betterment of your kids or marriage, the way of life as many of us know it, has turned upside down.

We've reviewed the top ways to maintain balance and narrowed the list on what we think is the best way for any working mom or professional to achieve sustained balance.


1. Minimize Toxins

From work to watching kids and juggling household duties, either of these can be enough to create frustration, or anxiety. Make a point to have a list of those who can provide some support that you trust and are are also practicing safe-health protocols. Minimization of any negativity through surrounding support will keep the days flowing at a steadier pace that you can handle.

2. Spend Time Alone

While for some this could be difficult to achieve depending on the number of individuals living in the household, another option to consider is finding a place in your home that you can reserve to yourself as quiet time for 30min to an hour.  Depending on the size of your home, you can always let family members know to ensure they will avoid occupying the room. Using this approach will give you a chance to step away from any conditions that could be causing you stress and allow you to peacefully meditate and think quietly. This will also provide a chance for you to better plan and organize the coming days ahead while reflecting on areas that provided you with comfort and how to ensure that happens more frequently.

3. Subscribe to Sense of Humor

It's important to remember that not everything should be taken seriously. Let some mistakes or mishaps be shrugged off and simply laugh about it. We believe that humor can really do wonders for the soul and psyche. It provides calmness and takes pressure off of meeting such high expectations when you are in a position of needing to juggle many responsibilities.

We'd love to hear your comments below and if you are utilizing these practices now. Remember that there is only one of you and the key more than ever is to make sure you maintain low levels of stress but high levels of happiness to keep yourself living a purposeful life.

Only Love -


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