Meet Jazmine Carper

Meet Jazmine Carper
HI! I'm Jazz, nurse, lover of all things to do with the outdoors, and mother to the best little cherub in the world.
I love Seeing Thngs because women empowering other women is the best step we have taken together. I love their leggings, literally like butter on my skin, and they are so flattering. As a nurse, self-care is super important so I can continue to take care of my patients as well as possible. My self-care regimen is staying active by running, hiking, and playing tennis; or let's be real, eating a pint of ice cream and watching rom-coms on Netflix. Whether I'm running errands or chasing my child around the playground; I need the flexibility of these leggings, and they are so cute.
My passion is educating people on ways to be healthy by taking small steps towards feeling like your best self. Chronic diseases and mental health issues are on the rise in my country and the best steps we can take together are the first ones to prevent these diseases in the first place. I try to stay active and make choices that make me feel great, and that is what I tell my patients when they ask me how I do it. Small decisions, small steps can equal compounding results. My cherub is my motivation to be the best I can be, so that way she can grow up and see that her mom always strived for her physical and mental health. I want my baby to know that women together are better than apart. I want her to know that she is in control and the best way forward is to start and always speak your truth.
The power of a woman is unstoppable and our voices are going to be heard. Seeing Thngs embodies all of these things and more in their company, a company by women for women. There is nothing we can't do and women are on the move to change the world; you know, while also looking amazing! 

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