Meet Tejal Parekh, Curvy Blogger & Self Care Advocate

Meet Tejal Parekh, Curvy Blogger & Self Care Advocate

My name is Tejal Parekh, a social worker in Higher Education based in Union City, NJ.

When I discovered SeeingThngs, I believed in its mission to advocate for self-motivation and provide women empowerment. A mission that matches my own to advocate for self-love, self-care and body positivity through my empowerment group, Goddesses Unite, offered in the NJ/NYC Tri-state area and online.

As a Domestic Violence Survivor, I have grown to learn about rebirthing oneself through the journey of self-love...and choosing oneself over and over again through it all. After leaving a toxic relationship, I was so successful with this journey for the past four years I became a D.V. warrior.

My favorite item is EmpowHER crop tee. Instantly when I saw this item, I fell IN LOVE! I said YASSSS! It’s one of my fave crop tops to wear while working out in the gym or to wear overall. As a social worker in higher education, this shirt empowers me to continue to empowHer via my platforms as a Hype Coach, Curvy Blogger and Brightdollface Model.

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Xoxo, Hype Coach Tejal P., MSW

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